Business Contracts Responsibilities


Business Contracts provides administrative expertise to campus departments and research units for unique sales and service contracts related to approved University programs and activities to ensure compliance with the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents and other University policies.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Review the contract to ensure it is complete and accurate in content, clear and logical in organization, and consistent with applicable standards
  • Identify potential problems and provide alternative solutions in structuring the contract to avoid unnecessary costs should a dispute arise in the course of the contractual relationship
  • Interpret policies related to business contracts and provide advice to campus departments and other entities on unresolved issues
  • Protect the interests of the University during the course of the sales and service activity
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to facilitate the development and administration of procedures or protocols in relation to the contract on safety issues and policy & procedure issues
  • Discuss problems, revisions, or the need for additional information with the requesting department/program
  • Negotiate legal and policy matters with other party when necessary
  • Obtain approval from General Counsel, if required
  • Secure signatures of all parties
  • Return executed agreements to the department