Campus Departments Responsibilities


Departments are responsible for providing assistance and their participation in the contracting process may vary significantly depending on the nature of the contract. Requesting Department is responsible for:

  • Informally negotiate the “business arrangement” with the other party to determine:


    • Nature of the work
    • Where and when work is to be performed
    • What University resources may be required, if any
    • Whether other party provides a written agreement or purchase order
  • Forwarding agreements from non-University entities from the private or public sector to Business Contracts to determine if the agreement is acceptable or if the agreement can be accepted with modifications or if an entirely new agreement needs to be created
  • Send all attachments to the agreement, along with a detailed scope of work to Business Contracts
  • Ensure that all terms and conditions of a business agreement are carried out. (e.g. payment of services, submission of invoices, preparation of reports, and compliance with schedules, etc.)