Facilities Agreements Explained


The purpose of this section is to provide general information to campus departments when University employees are scheduling off-campus facilities for an official "University activity" and secondly, explain the University’s’ Facility Use Agreements for external users scheduling events on our campus. After reading this section you should have a better understanding of both.

An official University activity means any activity that is planned, organized, scheduled, and directly supervised by University faculty and/or staff who have the responsibility and the authority to act in the event of a violation of University policies and procedures and/or federal, state, or local laws.

Facility Use Agreements are referred to by a variety of names such as an Application and Permit to Use Facilities; a Rental Agreement; or a Special Use Permit. Whatever it may be called, all off-campus use agreements are processed by Business Contracts and signed by the Director of Materiel Management.

The Business Contracts office processes agreements for classroom instruction, conference rooms, exhibit space, or temporary entry permits that are less than one year. The Real Estate office is responsible for use of facilities that are more than one year. Student organizations are separate legal entities and will need to seek qualified legal advice from a private source.

Facility Use Agreements for Official University Activity at off-campus locations: Prior to sending the agreement to Business Contracts for signature, the application should contain all the details of the activity. Once the agreement is received, it will be reviewed to ensure the contract language complies with University policies and procedures. Language that needs to be changed will be negotiated by the Business Contracts with the other party.

It is never too early to forward an agreement for review. Planning ahead will prevent cancellation and/or postponements because an agreement was unsuccessfully negotiated due to time constraints. Plan to send the agreement 2 or 3 weeks in advance to ensure the agreement can be properly reviewed. Facilities reserved off campus normally require a Certificate of Insurance. Campus Risk Management issues certificates once the insurance and indemnification terms meet University policy. Business Contracts will coordinate with the Risk Management office to meet this requirement.

Facility Use Agreements for External Users at University locations:

More than a dozen campus departments schedule their facilities to external users for a variety of events from fundraisers to seminars and educational programs, to meetings and sporting events or a variety of artistic performances. Below are few of the campus departments who schedule their facilities to External Users. Each department has a different internal scheduling procedure and standard University requirements may not always be met as a result of these numerous scheduling procedures. The right type of insurance coverage, environmental health and safety requirements or adequate parking may not be met for the type of event scheduled. Ideally, the campus would benefit having a centralized scheduling system that could streamline the thousands of activities scheduled on the campus annually. It would be beneficial to the campus to have the already approved terms and conditions made by General Counsel, in all contracts with External Users.

  • Academics
  • Alumni Center
  • Arts Building
  • Athletics (Gym, swimming pool, and Sports Complex)
  • The Barn
  • California Museum of Photography
  • College of Engineering
  • Entomology
  • Event Management
  • Faculty involvement with non-profit organizations using University Facilities
  • Five Reserves
  • The Highlander Hub
  • Housing
  • Palm Desert Campus
  • Parking Lot 30
  • Student Recreation Center
  • University Extension

A few campus departments have worked with the Business Contracts office to have a Facility Use Agreement specific to their area. For more information contact Business Contracts at (951) 827-3745.