Contracts We Do


A written contract is required when a contractual relationship is needed to lessen the potential liability to the University. The use of a contract will protect the assets of the University by setting forth terms and conditions governing the transaction. The types of contracts listed here are the contracts we do. (This list is not all inclusive.)

  • Agreement for Services
  • Entry Permits and Land Use Permits, less than one year
  • Equipment Loan Agreements
  • Facility Use Agreements, less than one year (various)
    • Facility Use Agreements explained
  • Grower and Fruit Collection Agreements
  • Interagency Agreements
  • License Agreements less than one year for use of property
  • Marketing-Promotional-Sponsorship-Vendor Agreements (Athletics)
  • Miscellaneous Agreements
  • Non Disclosure & confidentiality Agreements not related to Research Office, Sponsored Programs, Technology Transfer or those related to purchase orders issued by the Purchasing Department.
  • Performance Agreements (music, dance, lecture, etc.)
    • Performance Agreements explained
    • Entertainment Contracts from other party
  • Radio Broadcasting Agreement
  • Test Service Agreements
  • Ticketmaster Agreement
  • University Extension Revenue Agreements
  • Vehicle Loan Agreements
  • Vending Agreements
  • Youth Worksite Agreements