"Caterers" are defined as food sources that are setting up, preparing or serving food or drinks on the campus. To use a caterer, you will need to follow Policy 5402 and Complete the Contracting Out Justification Form - All catered events must be sent to Procurement Services as a requisition.

Pre-Qualified, Off-Campus Caterers

EBUY AGREEMENT NO. Vendor Description Exp Date
2215 Caterer - El Ojo De Agua EL OJO DE AGUA MEXICAN FOOD 4/4/2023
2832 Caterer - Honey Greens HONEY GREENS JUICE BAR 4/20/2023
2366 Caterer - Kona Ice of Moreno Valley S & CG INC 4/20/2023
2150 Caterer - McGrath's Catering MCGRATH'S CATERING 6/30/2022
2651 Caterer - Tacos Los Machettes SALVADOR LLAMAS 9/9/2022
2830 Caterer - Vegan Hooligan VEGAN HOOLIGANS 4/10/2023
2141 Caterer - Zacatecas Cafe JON MIKE MEDINA DBA 4/01/2023

“Outside Food Sources” are defined as Take-Out or Delivery ONLY (drop-off and go, NO set-up) and do NOT apply to Policy 5402.

Expired Outside Food Sources may be reactivated by e-mailing a current COI and Health Permit to: Matt Burke

UCR Procurement Services maintains the list of pre-qualified Outside Food Sources below. ONLY pre-qualified Outside Food Sources from this list may be used to furnish on-campus food to UCR staff and students. Outside Food Sources cannot be used for catering services. If you are interested in adding a new vendor to this list, or using an Outside Food Source for catering services, please contact Matt Burke at 951-827-3095 (or campus ext. 2-3095)


The following suppliers have been pre-qualified to furnish food for UCR. If selected for a campus event, a Department Authorized Purchase Order (DAPO) may be utilized to place the order provided the total cost does not exceed the department's Low Value Purchasing Authorization (LVPA). If the order exceeds the departments LVPA, a purchase requisition must be submitted to Procurement Services.

  • In most cases, Procurement Services has not negotiated prices with the vendors so you will need to negotiate prices on a order-by-order per volume basis.
  • When planning events, be sure to visit this link to be sure your meals are with UC policy guidelines.

Pre-Qualified, Outside Food Sources

EBUY AGREEMENT NO. Vendor Description Exp Date
2125 Food - Baguette Bakery & Cafe BAGUETTE BAKERY & CAFE 7/1/2022
2834 Food - Baba's Chicken MHOC, INC. 5/4/2023
2835 Food - Blaze Pizza R&J RESTAURANTS LLC 5/9/2023
2212 Food (PD) - Bristol Farms BRISTOL FARMS 2/1/2023
2169 Food - Chick-Fil-A (Canyon Springs Pkwy) CHICK-FIL-A 1/1/2023
2804 Food - El Ojo De Agua EL OJO DE AGUA MEXICAN FOOD 4/2/2023
2158 Food - El Pollo Loco (University) UNIVERSITY EL POLLO LOCO 1/1/2023
2461 Food - Elias Pita ELIAS PITA INC 7/1/2022
2825 Food - Flame Broiler FLAME BROILER 12/21/2022
2124 Food - Getaway Cafe GETAWAY CAFE 8/25/2022
2687 Food - L&A Donuts LISA S CHEN 7/31/2022
2818 Food - Las Ploras LAS PLORAS 9/14/2022
2500 Food - Lee's Sandwiches 1889 UNIVERSITY INC/DBA LEE'S SANDWICHES 7/26/2022
2151 Food - Marcello's Pizza RG & J ENTERPRISES INC 11/1/2022
2803 Food - McGrath's (delivery or takeout) MCGRATH'S CATERING 6/30/2022
23533 Food - Nothing Bundt Cakes BATB INC DBA NOTHING BUNDT CAKES 1/5/2023
2385 Food - Panera Bread PANERA BREAD COMPANY 1/10/2023
2810 Food - Tacos Los Machettes SALVADOR LLAMAS 9/9/2022
2157 Food - The Sub Station SUB STATION 6/23/2022
2812 Food - Zacatecas Cafe JON MIKE MEDINA DBA 4/01/2023