Cell Phones


Campus Procedures for Cell Phone Purchases and Services

Many departments require staff and/or faculty members to carry cellular telephones (or other cellular devices) to fulfill their campus responsibilities. In order to assist these departments in obtaining the best value in equipment and service plan rates, the Purchasing Department has negotiated terms and conditions with AT&T & Verizon Wireless.

The following Procedures Apply to All Cell Phone Vendors:

  • Establishing a Department Purchasing Assistant as an Authorized Order Placer (AOP) with AT&T or a Point of Contact (POC) with Verizon Wireless: Only authorized department personnel may contact AT&T or Verizon Wireless to establish new plans, make changes to existing plans, or to place orders for replacement phones and accessories. To be added to the AT&T AOP or Verizon Wireless POC list, departments must send an email to the respective carrier representative who will in turn contact UCR Procurement Services for approval to add your name to the list.
  • Equipment & Services: When considering the purchase of equipment, accessories and service, AOP's or POC's should contact the UCR customer account representatives of either cell phone company for information regarding the best equipment prices and service plan rates available at the time.
  • Recurring Billing Charges: A University of California, Riverside Procurement Card must be used to pay for all cellular device monthly billing charges.

AT&T Contacts

Larry Lafferty
Mobility Account Manager 3
Phone: (562) 618-1221
Email: larry.lafferty@att.com or ll2769@att.com
Kent Broman
Account Manager
Phone: (619) 301-5338
Email: kb6834@att.com
Alexus McCants
Mobility Service Manager
Phone: (402) 517-3846
Email: am817v@att.com

Verizon Wireless Contacts

George Barela
Manager, Southern California (State, Local and Tribal Government)
Phone: (949) 275-6229 (mobile)
Email: george.barela@verizonwireless.com

Reconciliation/Source Documentation/Record Management

As with all Procurement Card and financial transactions, departments must review monthly statements for billing accuracy. Monthly billing statements must be available upon request and retained for a period of three years. Reconciliation, source documentation and record management of all cellular billings must follow Procurement Card policies and procedures as addressed in Procurement Card Policy 750-70 and as stated in the Procurement Card Guidebook.

Reviews of Service Plans

Departments are encouraged to periodically review their employees calling plans to ensure the most cost-effective plan is being used.