How to Order Regulated Chemicals

(Controlled Substances, List 1 Chemicals, California Precursors and Select Agents and Toxins)

NOTE: Controlled Substances, List 1 Chemicals California Precursors and Select Agents may NOT be purchased at the department level and may ONLY be processed via a Purchase Requisition. Use of a DAPO or the ProCard is prohibited.

In order to determine if the substance you are ordering is considered REGULATED, please visit the following UCR EH&S website: 

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are drugs or chemicals whose manufacture, possession, and use are regulated by a government entity. This may include illegal drugs and prescription medications. UCR currently maintains a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration governing the use of controlled substances for research, veterinary, and teaching purposes. Environmental Health & Safety serves as Program Administrator overseeing the day-to-day activities. EH&S Controlled Substances Home page is located at:

What Information is Required On a Purchase Requisition for Regulated Chemicals?

CA Precursors

Precursor chemicals and List I Chemicals, in addition to legitimate uses, have the potential to be used in the manufacture of controlled substances.  State and federal laws require campus vendors to uphold stringent regulations regarding distribution of these chemicals therefore researchers must order them through the Purchasing Department as a high value requisition and must have a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) on file with EH&S. 

The federal list (List I Chemicals) can be found at:

The state of California maintains a list of precursor chemicals which includes all federal List I Chemicals plus a few additional chemicals.  The state of California precursor chemical list can be found at:

The term “precursor chemical” refers to BOTH lists: List 1 chemicals (federal list) and precursor chemicals (state of CA list).

Recordkeeping, storage and disposal requirements for List 1 and CA precursor chemicals may differ from that of controlled substances.  It is the end users responsibility to confirm actual requirements with EH&S.  Contact Kelly Winters x26311 for compliance questions.

UC Authorized Distributors of CA Precursors

Spectrum Chemical is an authorized distributor of Sigma Aldrich's line of CA Precursors to the UC system.  You may view an excel spreadsheet of Spectrum's Sigma-Aldrich offerings here or via this Spectrum Chemical weblink .  This agreement is separate from the General Laboratory Supply agreement with Spectrum Chemical.  Freight and Hazmat fees may apply.

Order Requirements:

  • Intended Use Letter
    • Must clearly list each chemical ordered and its intended use. 
    • A new letter is required for each order placed.
    • Letter must be signed by the PI or end user on file with EH&S
    • Must be on UCR letterhead
  • Signed University PO from authorized campus representative on file with Spectrum Chemical:  Ana Cotton - Buyer II
  • 21 day hold requirement
    • Clock starts when Spectrum Chemical recieves ALL required documents. 
    • This MANDATORY requirement is imposed by the CA DOJ.  UCR has no control over this!
    • Please plan your orders accordingly!

Select Agents and Toxins

UCR's EH&S department manages the campus Select Agents Program.  The HHS and USDA list of Select Agents and Toxins is comprised of approximately 40 viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae, fungi, and toxins which are considered to potentially pose substantial harm to human health. A complete list of Select Agents and Toxins as well as additional information can be found at the APHIS National Select Agent Registry Website.

Before placing any select agent orders:

  • Contact the Nasr N. Gergis, PhD, DVM, REHS, UCR's Campus Biosafety Officer at (951) 827-2648 or by e-mail at: in order to obtain a Select Agent packet of checklists, forms and templates to help guide Principal Investigators (PIs) who wish to conduct research with select agents and toxins.
  • The Biosafety Office will assist PIs in completing the plan and in coordinating the subsequent required training for laboratory staff authorized to access locations where select agents are stored or used. All transfers of HHS or USDA select biological agents and toxins must be pre-authorized. Before receiving select agents, the PI must establish a Safety Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and Security Plan.
    Note: One major element of the Security Plan is that authorized staff must pass background checks by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). People from certain "countries of interest" as defined by the DOJ will not pass the background check and may not be authorized. Please check with UCRPD for information related to background checks.
  • The application will be sent to the appropriate federal agency, which is determined by the type of select biological agent or toxin possessed. Approval may take several months before work with the Select Agent(s) is allowed.  Please allow time for processing.

For procurement related questions please contact Ana Cotton x23005