Recruitment Services


The linked schedules list retained search firms who have established systemwide professional services agreements with the University of California. Typically each agreement is for a three-year period, with annual renewals thereafter. Thirty firms are offered, including four that are available to the Medical Centers only.

  • Schedule 1 lists firms approved for use by Medical Centers and Health Professional Schools;
  • Schedule 2 lists vendors approved for use by the Campuses, Laboratories and UCOP. Hiring managers may use any of these firms at their discretion so long as a Letter of Engagement is approved for each search assignment and a purchase order authorized at the local level.

These firms have provided discount pricing in order to be accepted onto this list, and are immediately available to managers because the professional services agreements  already exist. A number of the firms offer services specific to particular functions -- like Marketing, Technology and Student Affairs -- others offer unbundled services where, for a lower fee, the firm will conduct only part of the search process. Some vendors will charge only an hourly rate, and several will consider contingency placement assignments in addition to retained search. The list is managed out of Human Resources, Office of the President.

Download full schedule list