PCard Forms



Card Application Form

Please make sure that all requested items are filled in by your department in order to receive your card in a timely manner. Boxes in Section 2 must be completely filled in by the department's Financial Officer. Maximums are listed, but it is recommended that the department Financial Officer consider each Cardholder's expected usage to limit the risk to the University. **Per cycle means the amount allowed from the 26th of one month to the 25th of the next.

Transaction Log

Credit Log

Dispute Form

Formal written disputes must be filed with US Bank within 60 days of the end of the cycle (25th of the month) in which the transaction appeared. The Cardholder's signature is required on a dispute form. The form must be faxed to US Bank at the number listed on the bottom of the form. See your DCA to formally dispute a transaction.

You may dispute the following:

  • Unauthorized charges, including unauthorized phone or mail order charges
  • Difference in amount authorized and amount charged
  • Duplicate charges
  • Transaction which is yours, but you are challenging for other reasons
  • Your account has not yet been credited in the general ledger but you have received a credit voucher from the merchant or have been told by the merchant they will issue a credit
  • Failure to receive goods
  • Returned merchandise
  • Unrecognized charges
  • Altered charges
  • Defective merchandise

Violation Form


For other Procurement Services forms, please refer to the Forms & Resources Sections of this website.