Restriction & Limitations

  • Procurement Card purchases are to be made in accordance with current campus LVPA policies regarding appropriateness of purchases/expenses.Purchases outside the scope of these policies are considered inappropriate use of funds.Procurement Card purchases are also subject to the restrictions and limitations listed on Exhibit 1 of this guide.
    Prohibited Transactions-The following are prohibited transactions and are Cardholder violations:
  • Personal Purchases- Defined as purchases for personal use. The Cardholder must immediately reimburse the University, or arrange for an immediate credit transaction from the merchant.A personal purchase is considered a violation of the Procurement Card Policy. Purchasing, in consultation with other appropriate parties, may suspend or permanently revoke a Cardholder's card privilege for such violations.
  • Cash or Cash Type Transactions-examples include: asking for additional cash with a purchase, traveler's checks, money orders, requesting a credit in cash. A cash or cash type transaction is a violation of policy.
  • Split Purchases and/or transactions exceeding Low Value delegation:It is against policy to instruct, or knowingly allow, a merchant to split a transaction that is higher than a Cardholder's Low Value delegation over multiple days or transactions to circumvent such card limitation.
  • Supply purchases in excess of $1,500- All supply orders exceeding $1,500 must be purchased through the Purchase Department by issuance of a Purchase Requisition using PRLite.
  • Entertainment/Travel- The Procurement Card may not be used for entertainment including personal purchases, travel, hotels, automobile rental, restaurants, food or entertainment events.
  • Equipment- The Procurement Card may not be used to purchase items designated as equipment.Equipment is defined as non-expendable, tangible personal property that has an acquisition cost of $1,500.00 including tax or more, is free standing, and has a life expectancy of one year or longer.
  • Exhibit 1-Procurment Card purchases are subject to the restrictions and limitations listed on Exhibit 1 of this guide.