Request for Bid/Request for Proposal


Requests for Bid or Proposal, for purchases of $100,000.00 or more, contain detailed specifications and requirements and are awarded to the responsive/responsible bidder providing the lowest overall cost to the University. In determining whether a bidder is responsive and responsible, such things as thorough completion and submission of their bid response, their facilities, capacity, experience, previous work, references and financial standing are taken into consideration. Award of a contract pursuant to a request for bid or proposal may be made on the basis of cost alone, cost per quality point or best value. The method to be used to make award will be stated in each request for bid/proposal. UCR reserves the right to reject any or all bids.NOTE: UCR DOES NOT MAINTAIN ACTIVE BIDDERS LISTS

POLICY: Pursuant to University of California system-wide policy as stated in UCOP Business and Finance Bulletin (BUS-43), Negotiation is allowed for transactions below $100,000, however, competition is sought if the Materiel Manager determines that the competition is necessary to develop a source, validate prices, or for other compelling business reasons. Negotiation may be used in conjunction with competitive quotations as well as in situations when competition is not obtainable or required.

The Public Contract Code of the State of California (Public Contract Code Section 10507, et seq.) requires competition must be sought, for any transaction expected to involve an expenditure of $100,000 or more for goods or services, other than personal or professional services, unless it is determined that a brand or trade name article, thing or product, or proprietary service is unique, available only from a sole source, or is designated to match others used in or furnished to a particular installation, facility, or location. Requirements shall not be artificially divided into separate transactions to avoid competition.